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MSK Ultrasound

We check red flags to refer to other specialist. Also, we use this image to reeducate correct muscle to work.



Able to increase blood flow and enhance healing. Famous olympic swimmer used to became famous.


Motion Analysis

We will perform motion analysis to assess how and when to return to sports in the clinic.


Baseball specific

We can major ball spin and elbow stress to make sure the players will not re-injure again.

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Blood Flow Restriction

Able to get same result as you performing high intensity exercise with low intensity exercises. 

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Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization will able to improve range of motion approaching to soft tissues.


Baseball specific

We can major ball spin and elbow stress to make sure the players will not re-injure again.


On the field PT

We support the team to improve performance and prevent injury on the field.  


Sports physical therapist is described by the Society of Sports Therapists as a professional who provides treatment to prevent any injury. A sports physical therapist also helps in the rehabilitation of their patients to get them back to maximum level of physical function or sports-specific condition – no matter what age or current ability.

This is a medical professional who is licensed to treat and care for sports-related injuries. Running, jumping, swimming, lifting heavy objects, and other physical activities can cause strain on the body, Sports injury specialists work with professional sports athletes and active individuals. Both physical therapy and sports medicine are under sports injury specialty.

A sports physical therapist will often work with athletes. In many cases, sports teams will employ a sports physical therapist to design rehabilitation and care plans for enhancing workout routines, avoiding sports-related injuries, and adequately addressing these injuries should they occur.

The role of sports therapists is vital. This is because what may start as a simple sprain can develop into something more severe. Some of the types of injuries that need sports therapy include injuries in the ligaments and joints.

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